Serving your business with a passion for cheese

CSK products are used in 15% of all cheese produced worldwide. This proven, large-scale success enables us to serve U.S. cheesemakers with some specific skills: excellent dairy cultures that lead to unique flavor, 100-plus years of international experience, custom solutions that fit how you work and an unwavering commitment to building the best partnership that creates the best product for your business.

In every region, in every way, CSK helps make cheese.

With customers in so many regions, we know how to adapt efficiently and productively to many process differences throughout the world. CSK’s worldwide track record proves the company can tailor solutions to the specific needs of local environments using an array of unique cultures — and this adaptability is continually maintained. Every year, CSK reinvests 8% of revenue into research and development, so we can stay on the leading edge of innovation in the dairy cultures industry.

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